Trixie Pet Products ? Activity Chess Dog Toy

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Deciding what type of dog toy you should buy for your pup isn?t exactly a decision that is easy to make. In this day and age, there are thousands of options, all touting their own benefits ? dental protection, durability, or just simple cuteness. Over time, as their four-legged friend grows up, most owners are able to gain a better understanding of what their dog prefers. There are times where after a large amount of research on a specific toy, you finally decide to buy it only to find that your dog barely touches it and finds the box more entertaining than the actual to. If you have the type of dog that is curious, then the Activity Chess Dog Toy might be a good option for them.

What is the Activity Chess?

The activity chess, as it sounds, is one of the best dog toys for occupying your four-legged friend during those times that you?re not able to play with him. It has four cones and numerous holes that you can hide treats inside. In order to receive his reward (the treat), your dog will need to remove those cones and slide those sliders. As an added benefit, this toy comes with a one year warranty.


This puzzle is made of plastic material that seems to be very sturdy. The pegs are heavy, but not too heavy ? we like the sliders, because they work very smoothly.

Is it Noisy?

We noticed individuals online asking if the product was too noisy. From what we have read, if you put it on the carpet for your dog to play with, it?s not noisy at all.

Also, another concern you may have would be the parts being too small to swallow. Fortunately, with this toy, there aren?t any small parts to swallow. The only thing your dog can swallow would be the small treats you put in the toy, which is needed in order for your dog to learn.

Teach the Skills

In order to prevent your dog from getting confused and frustrated, you should teach your dogs the skills. If you simply put it down for your dog to try to figure out, they may get frustrated and lose interest in the toy.? Teaching and practicing one section at a time will do the trick and before you know it, it?ll be fun and entertaining each time your dog plays with it. This is great for dogs that enjoy finding treats under things (what dog doesn?t like doing this?).



This game consists of four separate levels.

Level one: Lift up cones. The design prevents the cones from being knocked over.

Level two: Move multiple sliders using paws and nose in order to reveal the treat compartments.

Level three:? Stack on a second row of sliders that need to be moved in the opposite directions from the first.

Level four: Place the cones between the sliders and use them as stoppers.

The toy has non-slip rubber feet on the bottom in order to keep the game in place.


Dogs are intelligent animals, but at the same time, they like to play. With Trixie?s Chess Game, you can channel their curiosity and energy into something positive. This toy offers four different levels of play, which require practices and concentration. The game is designed for the advanced canine game player of all shapes and sizes.