KONG Cozies Dog Squeaky Toy

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dog playing with kong cozies dog toy

There?s many different toys on the market, all of which your dog would enjoy playing with. However, today, one that is really standing out from the crowd for us due to the look would be Cozies Dog Squeaky Toy by Kong.

About Kong

When you purchase a game changer toy for your dog, it wouldn?t hurt to first learn about the company that created it, would it? We believe Kong has a really cool story nesting behind it ? take a look ?

Kong Company is a company that develops, designs, and produces a line of pet products, specifically for dogs and cats. Their headquarters is in the state of Colorado. They are well known for their snowman-like chew toys for dogs, often referred to as ?Kong.?

This company was founded by Joe Markham back in the 70s. He came up with the idea when Fritz, his German shepherd started to damage his teeth from chewing on rocks (yes, dogs are known for chewing on these type of things).? He discovered that his dog loved chewing on some other hard things, and that is when he spent a total of six years experimenting with different material in order to produce a chew toy that dogs would love. A friend then stated that the toy he developed looked like ?an earplug for King Kong? and that is how the name was given. Originally, Kong products were mostly sold in Japan, Israel, Australia, the United Kingdom and Japan, but in the mid 1980?s, they started to gain popularity in the United States.

What Are Kong Cozies?

Kong Cozies sure are adorable, aren?t they? So adorable that you may have a hard time giving it to your dog, but your dog deserves something adorable like this. These are basically plush toys that are made out of an extra layer of material in order to make it extra tough ? it wouldn?t have the ?Kong? name behind it, if it weren?t tough. Kong, as you may know, is well known for designing tough toys.

The Kong Cozie is cute, soft and cuddly and is perfect for playing a game of fetch, or letting your dog snuffle up on it.

Available in Different Characters

Kong Cozies are available in a variety of cue characters ? if your dog is luck enough, you could buy all of the characters for him, but he?d be fine with one at a time . Here?s a list of the Kong Cozies:

Ali the Alligator

Baily the Blue Dog

Buster the Squirrel

Elmer the Elephant

Floppy the Rabbit

King the Lion

Spunky the Monkey

Tupper the Lamb

With all of those cute faces, it?s hard for us to pick out a favorite because we like them all.


Squeaks in order to help entice play (many dogs seem to love the squeaking noise)

Not created for chew sessions, but they are perfect to play fetch with

Minimal filling, means minimal mess

Extra layer of material added in order to increase strength


Looking at the adorable characters and seeing how cute and cuddly they look, we?re not sure about you, but we feel as if we need to go get one, two, maybe three, for our dog right now.