Are You a Pet Owner Who Wants to Sell Your Home?

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By Guest Writer Jessica Brody

As a pet owner, you may find it difficult to stage your home properly when you’re selling. You want potential buyers to see the beauty of your home, but you don’t necessarily want them to know that it’s been a pet-friendly space for some years. Dogs Dogs Dogs Forever has some tips on how pet owners who are selling their homes can stage it without telltale signs of pet activity.

Check Local Home Prices

First, of course, you will need to do some online research on local homes that are similar in size and price to yours. See how they are showcasing their homes so you can get some ideas. Knowing what type of staging works best for other local homes will provide insight into how you should showcase your own.

Fix Pet-Caused Damages

You probably already realize that you will need to repair damage that has been caused by your pets. You might have been willing to live with scratches on walls or furniture, chewing damage, and stains from accidents, but they can be a major turnoff for potential homebuyers. To avoid risking a sale, it’s crucial to address these types of damages before showings. Repairing any pet-related damages beforehand will help ensure a successful and profitable home sale.

Pit bull and cat

Clean Your Space Thoroughly

To ensure that your home is not only clean but also devoid of any pet odors, give special attention to the areas frequented by your pets. Vacuum the carpets, wash bedding and blankets, dust shelves and furniture, and wipe down surfaces and baseboards. Devote extra time to thoroughly clean these areas.

Get Rid of Lingering Pet Odors

Living in a pet-friendly home often means struggling to get rid of pet odors, which can be difficult since humans tend to become immune to them over time. To ensure that your home stays odor-free, freshen up the space by opening windows for adequate air circulation and using quality odor-neutralizers. Additionally, placing bowls filled with baking soda around the house can help absorb any lingering pet smells that remain after cleaning.

Conceal Pet-Related Items

Many potential buyers will be pet lovers, but showing your home is not the time to bond over the funny things your doggie does. Instead, maximize the appeal of your home during showings by removing all pet supplies from view. In order to avoid turning off potential buyers, disappear everything, from food bowls to bedding. Using stylish storage containers in each room with matching decor for your pet supplies will present a sleek look and ensure no clutter remains visible to visitors.

Naughty dog

Remove Personal Photos

As a pet parent, it’s understandable to take photos with your beloved fur baby. However, removing these pictures before showings is important to prevent potential buyers from being turned off by the presence of pets in the house, especially if they have allergies or aren’t pet lovers. To ensure visitors fully appreciate the beauty and features of the house, make sure to store away any visible pet-related artwork or photos.

Remove Pet Furniture

When staging your home, remove all furniture pieces associated with pets, such as cat trees or scratching posts, before showings, even if they add character and charm. These items may be viewed as an eyesore and can distract potential buyers from the positive features of your house. Consider replacing pet-related pieces with new furniture that matches the color scheme and decor of each room to ensure visitors focus on the house’s beauty and features.

Replace Fabrics

When staging your home, replace any fabrics potentially soiled by animal hair, such as curtains, pillows, and throws, to avoid turning off potential buyers. Even if they appear clean, buyers may recognize where animals were sitting or sleeping and view the property as messy. Instead, replace old fabrics with new ones that match the color scheme and decor of each room to maintain a neat, tidy, and appealing look during walkthroughs.

To Sum Up

Homeowners may feel stressed when showcasing their pet-friendly homes to potential buyers, as some may not appreciate the presence of pets. However, with proper preparation and implementation of the right techniques, homeowners can present their properties as inviting and ready for new occupants without any reminders of furry friends. Following these tips can help to ensure the successful showcasing of pet-friendly properties.

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