Giving Your Pup the Royal Treatment in 2023

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Dog after bath
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Guest Post by Writer Jessica Brody

Dog owners are a special breed. They care for their animals with a passion that’s rarely matched. If you’re a pet parent, you probably want new ways of pampering your fur baby so that you will ensure that your doggie loves you to the moon and back.

Today, we list some options that will significantly increase your animal’s quality of life as well as his notion of you as deserving his love and loyalty.

Purchasing Safe Toys and Pet Products

Your hound doesn’t really want to chew up your expensive shoes, but what’s a guy to do?

One important thing you can do is supply your precious furbaby with a steady stream of chew toys. The benefits are multiple. Chief among them is reducing anxiety. For puppies that are still teething, it relieves gum distress that would otherwise cause them to gnaw on furniture or your expensive shoes. Toys also provide mental stimulation that keeps tails wagging.

Many chew toys, however, come apart in short order. You don’t want your four-legged friend eating these bits and pieces, so watch them carefully. In addition, some play things are tough and threaten to break teeth.

To avoid unsafe pet products, check online reviews to see what kind of experiences other doggies have had.

Dog playing with owner

Feeding Your Pet Healthy Food

Feeding your pet a healthy diet is crucial for their overall well-being and longevity. Providing a balanced meal with high-quality ingredients can boost their immune system, promote healthy skin and coat, and maintain a healthy weight.

For pets with sensitivities or allergies to different kinds of food, be sure to check the ingredients used to make the delicious kibble so that your furbaby gets appropriate food that can reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and provide more protein-rich options.

Checking Comfort

You probably know your tail-wagger better that you know yourself, but he won’t verbally tell you when something is wrong. You might notice, however, when he’s acting differently than usual.

It’s important that you to watch for signs of distress. Your best friend might start drooling and licking more than usual, shedding, or assuming a different posture. Calm Fido down by snuggling, playing peaceful music, and shutting the blinds.

Dogs may very well respond to your emotions, especially when you are stressed from holding down a full-time job. Learn to achieve balance through meditation practices, especially those that involve your pet. You and your canine companion can also benefit from calming supplements. Once you’ve each taken one, go for a walk together and appreciate the great outdoors.

If your help doesn’t bring him back to his normal behavior, then a vet appointment may be necessary.

Dog on mountain

Going Places

Naturally, taking time out for walks is essential. PetMD notes that veterinarians recommend that most breeds walk between 20 and 30 minutes per day. Make sure the collar or harness you’re using is snug but not too tight. Gracie To The Rescue points out that ones made from hemp are less irritating than those made from leather or nylon, thus providing a cozier experience.

If your dog constantly pulls, curb this behavior. Provide training treats to  reward your furbaby for remaining by your side. The market abounds with specialty yummies that’ll get your precious one salivating.

Unfortunately, these treats can be expensive, but you can provide the same motivation and save money by bringing along cheese, jerky, or slices of deli meats in a plastic bag.

Improving Rest

After you arrive home from your outdoor adventure, your buddy is bound to be ready for a rest. Maybe you are, too. Choose a dog bed for your walking partner that’s the right size and is machine-washable. Along with a cozy blanket, a piece of your dirty laundry for smelling can be included.

If your wallet is overflowing, replace that standard doghouse with a miniature mansion. If money is no object, you can build a tiny domicile with modern amenities, including air conditioning, vaulted ceilings, and chandeliers!

Increasing Socialization

Dogs crave social interaction, just like humans. Although they might love hanging out in their art deco homes, they’d probably rather be around other dogs.

Dogs Dogs Dogs Forever

Instead of leaving pets to their own devices when you need to be gone, enroll them in doggie daycare. Besides acclimating them to the presence of other dogs, daycare provides them with human contact and exercise. Throwing doggy birthday parties is another socializing opportunity.

You’ve Got It

Every lover of canines wants theirs to have the best life possible. Simple changes – like feeding your pet high-quality food, providing comfort, going to new places, and socializing – bring overflowing joy and contentment to beloved creatures.

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