Game Changer Dog Toy

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If you?re like us, you probably like buying your dog new toys – the minute our fury friends find out we got them a toy, that tail starts to wag like never before. Dogs are so easy to please, but that doesn?t mean you should just hand them a ball and go about your day, not when there are so many amazing toys to choose from. One toy that is sticking out in our mind today is called the Game Changer. Have you heard of this toy? It?s pretty neat!

What is the Game Changer?

The Game Changer is the type of dog toy that will be sure to keep your dog busy for a long period of time. All you have to do is open up the Game Changer and fill it with tiny treats ? it?s simple to open up for humans, but challenging for your four-legged friends. Once you give this toy to them, they will be occupied as they figure out how to make this toy spill all of the delicious treats.

What Type of Dog is the Game Changer for?

While the Game Changer would make a great toy for every dog on the block, it would be especially good for those dogs that need to be kept occupied due to anxiety or boredom.? A toy with a treat stuffed inside it is a great way to help your dog get over boredom. Many times, boredom is the cause of behavioral issues for dogs such as anxiety or destructive behavior.

As a good rule of the thumb, with this toy, or any other toy, you should supervise your dog with it.

Made in the USA

This toy was proudly made in the USA, which is something many of you will be happy about. The toy is made of Flexa-Pure, which is a soft, yet sturdy material. It is washable (not dishwasher safe, hand wash only).? If you live in an apartment or you have hard wood floors, this toy is great to use because it is made of soft material.


This is a safe and fun method to use in order to satisfy that natural desire to chew. This toy is better for your dog?s teeth than those hard toys that could wear their teeth down or chip them.


This toy is available in a variety of colors ? you have Blue, Red, Lime Green and Yellow to choose from. Personally, we like the red one because in our dogs eyes, that one really stands out.


The current size is good for dogs that are fifteen pounds and up. If you have a smaller breed of a dog like a Chihuahua, they may not be strong enough to play with this toy, but we will let you decide what?s right and what?s wrong for your dog, because you never know.


Simply put, if you are looking for a great way to help your dog get over boredom or anxiety, the Game Changer is a good route to take ? it?s similar to the Kong Cozies Dog Squeaky Toy as you put treats inside it, but your dog won?t notice the difference ? they will be too busy trying to get their paws on those treats.