Kyjen Hide-A-Squirrel

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When our dog is ready to play (when isn?t he?), he gives that look. Surely, if you have a dog, you know the look we?re talking about. The ?play with me right now, or I?m going to explode,? type of look ?similar to the ?take me outside so I can chase some squirrels,? look. What?s funny is dogs have a tendency to come to you during times that aren?t exactly convenient. During times like that, wouldn?t it be nice to be able to occupy them with a squirrel? Not a real squirrel (they could only wish for that), but a toy squirrel. In this case, we?re going to introduce you to Kyjen?s Hide-A-Squirrel? (say hello to our little friend) ?

Kyjen Hide-A-Squirrel Description

The hide-a-squirrel is an interactive dog toy that is capable of keeping your dog interested in stimulating for a long period of time all by themselves. While it is fun to play and interact with dogs (they definitely need this from their family), on the same note, we?re not always available and that is when this toy will come into play.

This is a stuffed toy that consists of three tiny squirrels and a plush tree stump ? the three squirrels hide inside of it. You?re supposed to ?hide? the squirrels inside the stump and watch your dog have fun as they try to figure out how to get to the squirrels ? this toy will bring about so many laughs.

Thinking about it, having the dog pull a stuffed squirrel out of a tree stump is a process that sounds easy, however, it is easier said than done, trust us. This is an activity that could lead to hours of play for your dog, seriously.

The toy is available in a couple of sizes ? we like the Jumbo size, since we have large dogs The Jumbo size is around 8? x 8? x 8?.

Apart from the squirrel, looking on the market, we find some other varieties available, like Hide-A-Bird (this consists of hiding the bird in a birdhouse), Hide-A-Bee (this consists of hiding a bee in a beehive) and Egg Babies (Platypus with eggs). So if you don?t want to get the plush squirrel, you have other options to go for, but we honestly believe your dog will like the squirrel most of all, because what dog doesn?t enjoy looking/chasing squirrels?

Reading what others have to say about this product, with phrases such as ?our dog loves this toy,? it becomes evident that dogs are quite satisfied with it, and so are their owners. When the toy isn?t being used for its intended purposes, some dogs may want to carry the stump around and lay down with it. This is a high quality dog toy and it feels durable for a stuffed dog toy.? We also like to use the squirrels for fetch and at the end of the day, hiding the squirrels around the house is pretty fun.


Every house with a dog should have something like this ? dogs love playing hide-n-seek check out also this indoor dog kennel, watching your dog trying to recover the squirrel (or whichever design you choose) from the stomp will be a lot of fun.