Suncast DH250 Dog House

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For years, dog houses have been a part of the backyard scene, even for those who have inside dogs. A dog house is a place the dog can go to when he?s outside and just wants to chill.? Plus, there?s a variety of places that require outdoor kenneling of dogs that are there to protect the property.

During the daylight hours, dogs enjoy sleeping outside, if you have a dog, you?re probably familiar with this. If your dog enjoys snoozing outside, then you need to choose a good dog house for him. While there are many different dog houses currently on the market, we couldn?t help but to notice the Suncast DH250 dog house ? it stands out from the crowd because of its quality and price.

About the Suncast Dog House

The suncastdog house is made of thin plastic sheets. These plastic sheets get their rigidity when you start to attach them to other pieces. Parts of the dog house do snap together and as this takes place, they start to gain their strength.

70 Pounds

According to the product details, the Suncast DH250 dog house is specifically made for dogs that weigh no more than 70 pounds. If your dog is over 70 pounds, you can purchase a larger model of this type.


Flaps Keep Rain Out

This Suncast dog house has flaps on the side that are there in order to keep the rain out. The flaps are on the inside of the doorway. The door flaps are easy to remove and add back to the structure.

Snaps Together Easily

While many dog houses currently on the market may take some time to put together, the good news with this one is the fact that it?s not hard to put together at all. In fact, when it comes time to assemble it, no tools are required. The parts should snap together easily, so it should only take minutes to assemble. Personally, we feel that this is good news, because no one likes having to take hours to put together a dog house.

Includes Letters

Letters are included and this is something the company didn?t have to do, so it?s a nice added bonus. The letters are included so that you can personalize the dog house with your four-legged best friend?s name. They will easily stick on the front of the house and they are weatherproof, so they won?t fade.


When you compare this dog house to the other dog houses that are currently on the market, we find that this one is inexpensive. It is one of the most affordable high quality dog houses available.


Where there are pros, regardless of the product, there will be cons. Sometimes, you have to really dig deep in order to find the problems, but they?re there. In this particular one, there were a couple of problems we discovered.


For starters, the dog house doesn?t provide much insulation at all. This can be fixed by adding a self-heating pad for your dog on those cold winter days ?or simply bring your dog inside and only let him outside in the dog house when the weather is comfortable.

Can?t Raise of the Ground

This dog house cannot be raised off the ground. Unfortunately, this is the problem with most dog houses.


If you?re looking for a good dog house that isn?t going to break your bank account, the Suncast DH250 dog house would be a viable option.