Dog Travel Bag ? Week Away Tote

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Personally, when we go on a vacation, we cannot stand leaving our dog behind ? our dog goes wherever we go. Surely, if you?re a dog owner, you can understand where we are coming from, right? To us, dogs are like our kids, so it makes sense not to leave them behind, especially when going on a long trip. While doing research, we found there were many totes aimed specifically towards carrying stuff for your dog. That?s right, your dog can have his own suitcase.? There are many really cool looking dog suitcases, but the one that stood out from the crowd for us was the Dog Travel Bag ? Week Away Tote by Overland.

What is the Week Away Tote by Overland?

The Week Away Tote by Overland gives you a spot to put your dogs ?luggage? while you travel. It is designed in a way that will keep everything organized, making it easy to travel with your dog for up to a week.

Meets Airline Carry-on Requirements

If you?re familiar with the airlines, you?re probably familiar with how picky they can be and for good reason ? they have this rule in order to make sure passengers stay safe. Many packs aren?t allowed on the plane, but you?ll be happy to know that this one right here meets airline carry-on requirements. In fact, this is a big reason why we picked this tote over the others (even though the others were cute and shaped like a bone). Along with meeting airline carry-on requirements, this tote also includes a luggage ID tag, so you can put your name on it in order to make sure it doesn?t get mixed up or lost.

Includes Silicone Bowls and a Place Mat

Along with the actual bag, you?ll receive two 5 cup collapsible dishwasher safe silicone bowls along with a nice placemat.? There?s also two lined carriers that are capable of storing a total of thirty cups of food, or treats, depending on your needs.

Secure Storage and Comfortable to Carry

For secure storage, this bag has a zippered inside pocket. There?s also an adjustable shoulder strap, making it comfortable to carry around. With the attached luggage sleeve, it can easily rest through a suitcase?s pull-up handle.


We personally like the divider because it keeps the food carriers neatly stacked and organized. The last tote we had spilled the carriers everywhere. This one keeps the carriers secure.

Medium and Large Dogs

While you can use this bag for your small dog, it is ideal for medium and large dogs and should be more than enough room to hold everything you need for a medium ? large dog for up to a week.


This dog travel bag by Overland is exactly what you need if you plan on going away for a week. It even meets airline travel-requirements, so you can safely take it on the plane with you and it even included a nice ID on the bag. This organized luggage system will make it easier than ever before to travel with your dog.? It has 5 collapsible dishwasher safe silicone boles, a placemat and two lined carriers that can store 40 cups of dog food or treats. For medium to large dogs, this is the perfect travel bag, measuring 14? X 15? X 7?.?Check out also this amazing Furbo Dog Camera.