Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, HD Wifi Cam, and 2-Way Audio

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When you?re out and about, leaving your four-legged friend at home could cause a large amount of anxiety ? many people return home only to find that Rover has trashed the place. For a variety of reasons, we recommend some sort of pet monitoring device so that you can see what your dog is up to when you?re not at home. This way, you can relax as you know that your best friend is okay.

It goes without saying that when you?re not around, dogs can be more mischievous. This is because they miss you, they get bored or they have what is referred to as separation anxiety. Dogs are used to being part of a pack, so when you leave, they feel as if their pack leader has left them.

When it comes to safety of your dog, there is no such thing as taking too many precautions. It is important that you are aware of what your dog is up to at all times. Many people feel guilty when they leave their dog at home with no one and this is understandable.

With all of the above in mind, what are we to do about this situation? We could take the pooch wherever we go ?but that probably isn?t a good idea. We could just stay home and never leave the house ?but that?s merely impossible.

Not too long ago, we discovered dog cameras and during our research, we found a large variety of dog cameras ? cameras that hook up through WiFi. These cameras allow you to monitor your dog while you?re away. Today?s modern pet monitors do more than just give you the opportunity to watch your pet. With a modern monitor, you will be able to watch your pet, and interact with them, thanks to features like voice capability, treat dispensers, motion censored video and picture, night vision cam and 24/7 live video streaming from your mobile device.

Looking through the different pet monitors, one that really stood out from the crowd was the Furbo Dog Camera. With the Furbo dog camera, even when you?re apart, you?ll still be together. This is perfect for those that wonder what their dog does all day and are worried about their four legged friend at home alone. With the help of Furbo, the bond with your pet will be borderless.

What is Furbo?

Furbo is a smart dog camera that will allow you to talk, see, and even toss treats at your dog via a connected app. Regardless of how far you go, you will still be with your furry loved ones in a way.

Here?s What You Can do with Furbo:

Play with Your Dog ? With Furbo, you will be able to play with your dog by tossing treats. All you have to do is swipe cross the screen on the Furbo app ? it?s free and can be downloaded on Android/iOS.

Speak and Listen ? Using the built-in two-way radio, you and your dog will be able to hear each other.

Get Barking Alerts ? What?s really neat about this device is the barking alerts. When your four-legged friend starts to bark, the device will send a push notification directly to your mobile device.

Take Photos and Videos ? As an additional benefit, with the Furbo dog camera, you will be able to capture many special moments by taking photos and videos and sharing them.

HD Live Streaming ? 120 degree wide-angle camera is a major hit. It is capable of capturing 720p HD, has night vision and 4x digital zoom.


If you want to keep up with your dog while you?re out and about, then the Furbo dog camera is a viable option. With it, you will be able to monitor your dog while you?re out and about and when you want, simply by sliding across your screen, you will be able to toss Rover a treat.?Check also this cool automatic dog ball launcher for dogs.