Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Fit

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Guest Post by Writer Jessica Brody

Like all dog lovers, you probably want to do everything in your power to ensure your precious canine lives a long, healthy life. After all, our dogs aren?t just pets. They quickly become our most cherished family members.

Dal eating kibble with spoonOur pups flourish when they receive an abundance of love and attention. Show your dog the love she needs to stay in excellent physical and emotional condition. When her life is full of excellent health and happiness, you?ll reap the rewards.

Nutritious Food

Give your dog a healthy foundation by giving her nutritious food that consists of the right balance of fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates. states that you should ?always make sure to feed your pet food that is made for his species, age and energy requirements.?

You?re not doing your pet any favors if you give her table scraps. Human food doesn?t give her the nutrients she needs to have a healthy, strong body. And if you continue to feed her those table scraps, she?ll be more likely to reject the dog food specially created for her unique needs.


Get Out and Exercise

Don?t let your dog become a couch potato. If dogs spend their days eating and laying around, they can quickly become obese. Obesity leads to a laundry list of health problems that can shorten your precious pooch?s life. According to Animal Planet, dog?s bodies weren?t designed to lie around the house all day. They are born hunters, chasers, and herders. In fact, physical activity is as necessary as breathing to a dog.

Physical activity helps your dog lose or maintain the proper weight. When you take your dog outside to play, she receives a host of cardio benefits. Dogs who are active experience improved digestion, as well as stronger bones and muscles. Exercise improves your dog?s mental health, too!

Regular exercise ensures your dog relieves her pent-up energy. When your dog burns off that energy, she is less likely to experience anxiety while you?re away from home, thereby lessening the chance she?ll chew your favorite slippers, dig holes in your yard, or leave scratch marks on your favorite sofa.

Naughty dog

So take your dog on daily walks or runs. Make sure to choose a leash that is comfortable for her and easy for you to use. Go to the park to toss a ball or Frisbee. You?ll need to make sure your best friend is hydrated, so bring along a portable water bowl during hot and humid days.

Wear your dog out by running with her up and down the stairs. Set up an obstacle course in the backyard. Build a dog run in your yard if you have room. Dog runs are fenced-in areas that allow your dog to play without being on a leash.

Hide treats throughout your home and let your dog seek them out. Place yummy dog treats in treat-dispensing toys so your pup has to work hard for a tasty snack. The goal is to keep your dog moving so she will stay healthy and fit — both physically and emotionally.

By the way, I think you?ve already noticed that exercising your dog will also help keep you fit.

Vaccinations and Medical Appointments

Prevent health problems before they occur by taking your pup to the vet for her annual checkup. Make sure her vaccinations are current. Check your canine for ticks on a regular basis to prevent the transmission of Lyme disease and other serious conditions. Talk with your vet about the best flea and tick prevention products for your dog. These are just a few ways you can help your dog remain healthy and happy.

The Bottom Line

Treat your dogs like the cherished members of the family they are. Protect their health and well-being just like you would the human family members. Taking steps to feed your dog nutritious food, encouraging her to be physically active, and keeping diseases at bay will ensure your furry friend lives a long life free from preventable illnesses.

Dogs Dogs Dogs Forever